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Plant Two - Contract Manufacturing & Assembly
Assembly & Contract Mfg



We assemble molded & purchased components from subassemblies ready for your final assembly lines, or to finished products for your customers
 Subassemblies Ready For Your Final Assembly Lines



Molded & Purchased Components Assembled Ready For Retail


Glass and Plastics Assembly & Welding
Lens Component Assembly


Major's Assembly Services Offer:

  • Component Level Assembly

  • Sub Assembly Ready for your Final Assembly Lines

  • Finished Product Assembly

  • Custom Component, Sub Assembly, and Finished Product Testing

   We at Majors provide experienced assembly personnel to assemble  our molded parts, your components, purchased parts,  into sub-assemblies ready for your final assembly lines, or finished assembled & packaged products ready for your customers use.  

  Our contract manufacturing lines specialize in manual Assembly, Decorating, Ultrasonic Welding, Heat Staking & Inserting operations to effectively reduce your overall assembly costs and provide you with quality products.

  We can also provide unique testing and data recording required for your semi-finished, or finished products meeting your engineering specifications and requirements.

   We are a Supplier and Contract Manufacturer supporting a wide variety of  unique industries and manufacturers. Majors has the versatility and experience you demand for your quality products.


Component to Assembly and Testing


   Customized and versatile assembly lines are organized and maintained with thought to your unique products, specifications and requirements.

Component Level Sub-Assemblies for your final assembly lines, 
to Finished Products, Ready For Retail

   Majors provides  full service engineering support, product development, and design assistance from the mold development stages, through the finished part molding, assembly and packaging.

  Customized manufacturing processes, product testing, and packaging are tailored to each specific product requirement and engineering need. 

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