Majors Plastics Cleanroom Medical Molding

CLEAN ROOM Injection Molding

ISO Class 7 cleanroom injection molding


Majors Plastics routinely provides components that are both molded and packaged in an environment compliant with ISO 14644 class 7 at 0.5 and 5.0µm. Formally classified as federal standard 209E, class 10,000. These ultra-clean environments are either highly automated, with side-entry part-removal robots at the press, or staffed by fully gowned, hooded, goggled and double-gloved operators in an adjacent packaging room. The customers of Majors Plastics can enjoy the benefits of particulate-free molded products with real-time ASTM E 2090 testing and packaging that meets or exceeds IEST-CC-1246 D, class 100.

Majors Plastics ISO Class-7 Cleanroom Injection Molding Machines


The highly-specialized processing knowledge accumulated by the staff at Majors Plastics over the years with the regard to ISO class 7 molding/packaging has been engrained into written procedures and practices. All manufacturing practices have been time-tested and proven reliably to yield very clean components for the customer. Regimented cleaning and HEPA filter replacement schedules ensure that clean components cannot be contaminated by their environment.

Cleanroom Injection Molding Product Contamination Particle Testing

Clean Room Medical Molded Products


With many years in the business of providing hyper-clean components to some of the largest medical and pharmaceutical suppliers in the field, Majors Plastics has proven processes that can be utilized for any customer requiring a clean room injection molding environment. 

Clean Room Molding and Packaging

  • ISO 14644 class 7 at 0.5 and 5.0µm Injection Molding
  • Laminar HEPA Controlled Airflow from Molding to Packaging
  • Real-time ASTM E 2090 testing and packaging
  • Product Particle-Contamination Testing
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Custom Packaging and Testing to Your Requirements