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Hot Stamping & Heat Transfer Services:

  Majors provides complete Hot Stamping & Heat Transfer services for all of your printing requirements.

Hot Stamping Press

   Majors provides  full service engineering support, product development, and design assistance from the mold development stages, through the finished part molding, assembly, decorating, and packaging.



Pad Printing Services:

  Using your custom artwork and clichés we provide pad printing services for single or multiple color layouts on flat or irregularly shaped parts in a variety of colors to meet all of your printing needs. Parts manufactured by us, or provided by you, large to small, can carry your logo or required printed text with tight registration on all multicolor printing.

  We have linear shuttle systems that allow us to place a part into a fixture and advance the part automatically through multi-stations transferring a separate image and or color at each position. This system is excellent when printing multi color images requiring tight registration

Logos & Instructional Text

  Our diversity and experience in plastics decorating allows us to help you with the demanding printing and decorating  your quality products deserve.

Pad Printed, Hot Stamped, and Heat Transfer Printed Parts

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