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Heat Staking & Inserting Services:

  • Multi-Head Thermal
    Staking Presses
  • Full Heat Staking and Heat Inserting Services

   Majors provides high quality custom staking & inserting to meet all of your demanding product design requirements. Custom fixtures, heads and manufacturing procedures are designed to fit all of your product requirements. We provide a variety of staking and inserting equipment sizes and types to match all of your process needs.

Heat Staked Component

   Majors provides  full service engineering support, product development, and design assistance from the mold development stages, through the finished part molding, assembly and packaging

Extensive Heat Staking / Inserting Equipment


Heat Inserting 


  We provide custom build and test procedures shaped to your engineering standards to provide you with a high quality product. Pull & force testing are available and are customized to fit your product's high quality standards

Custom Fixtures and Heads to Fit all of Your Product Requirements

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