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Over Molding


Over Molding



2 Shot Over Molding


Gasket Over Molding


Majors offers full Over-Molding Services:

  • Two Shot Over-Molding

  • Two Color Over-Molding

  • Two Material Over-Molding

  • Insert Over-Molding

  • Glass Lens Over-Molding

   Utilizing TPE's & TPU's molded over rigid materials we can meet all of your product requirements for an impact resistant and "soft feel" and impact resistant finish. We can accomplish this through either the two stage or 2 shot over-mold operations with a variety of materials to meet all of your specifications.

   Our experience also includes all engineering grade materials including PC, ABS, Glass filled materials, Nylon, PVC, Acetal


"Soft Feel" Impact resistant overmolding

  Our insert over-molding takes your steel, brass or die-cast part and molds TPR's onto the surface of the part for cushioning, noise control,
or your other design requirements 

Insert Over-Molding


TPE  Over Molding

   Another of our specialties is over-molding glass lenses used in laser or infrared products and other industries. 

Glass Lens Over Molding


   Majors provides full service engineering support, product development, and design assistance from the mold development stages, through the finished part molding, assembly and packaging.

  Customized manufacturing processes, product testing, and packaging are custom tailored to each specific product requirement and engineering need.


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