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Accurate & Detailed Mold History Files Maintained



Hot Runner Maintenance & Cleaning



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Tooling & Maintenance Services:

  • In House Toolmakers

  • Mold Modifications

  • Mold Repair

  • Cavity and Core Welding

  • Complete and Detailed Mold History Files 
    Maintained on all Customer Molds

  • In House Equipment Maintenance

  Majors provides highly skilled in-house toolmakers and a fully stocked tool room to ensure accurate & timely repairs and maintenance on all of your molds. We also do "Hot Runner" maintenance & cleaning. Accurate and complete records, and history files are maintained on all molds within the Major's facilities. Our toolmakers specialize in critical tolerance molds. All molds are maintained, cleaned and serviced with thought to the quality parts your customers demand.

Majors tool room

   Majors offers an Adopt A Mold program to provide ongoing maintenance and service throughout the life of the mold. Our design and engineering team will work with you on engineering changes or problems that occur

 We also provide experienced equipment maintenance personnel & technicians in all of our facilities to ensure equipment uptime so your parts are manufactured and delivered on time.



Highly Skilled in House Toolmakers

  Our personnel are also skilled in manufacturing the specialty fixtures that you require for your unique parts through-out the molding and assembly processes. 

In House Mold Repair & Modifications

Custom Fixtures are made in house by our toolmakers

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